(Formerly known as BSNL Executives' Association)




Agitational  Programmes declared by the ENC of TEOA(I), BSNL EA(I) & MTNL EA stands called off.

Congratulations to all members, supporters and sympathisers whose active participation, co operation and goodwill made this agitational programmes a total and resounding success in execution and result.

Executives Negotiating Council represented by Com.G.L.Jogi, GS, BSNL EA(I) ; Com.W.Seshagiri Rao, GS TEOA(I) & Com.Tomar, GS, MTNL EA was invited for a meeting  with the Chairman, Telecom Commission; Member (Services), Adviser (HRD) and other Senior officers of DOT and MTNL on 31-10-2002. During the meeting it was decided that the MTNL Executives will be paid pension by the Government as per the relevant rules. Necessary orders in this regard will be issued.

(2) E2, E3, E4 and E5 Pay Scales for MTNL Executives recommended by the MTNL Board will be approved by the DOT and all efforts will be taken to get the same cleared by the Dept of Public Enterprises with minimum delay.


Since these assurances have been conveyed in writing by the DOT to the Executives Negotiating Council, the demands raised in respect of MTNL Executives in the Trade Union notice served on 03-10-2002 have been settled in full.

    As already reported broad agreement has been reached on pay scales of BSNL Executives on 29-10-2002 between BSNL Board and the Executives Negotiating Council. The remaining demands in respect of BSNL Executives have also been agreed to be settled in our favour and same will be communicated in writing tomorrow.

As such the agitational programmes declared by the ENC of TEOA(I), BSNL EA(I) & MTNL EA stands called off.

Congratulations to all members, supporters and sympathisers whose active participation,co operation and goodwill made this agitational programmes a total and resounding success in execution and result.


   Discussions held by our General Seretaries (Com.G.L.Jogi, Com.W.Seshagiri Rao & Com.Tomar) with the MTNL management on 30-10-2002 inconclusive. Negotiations will continue tomorrow with the MTNL management. The Agitational Programmes launched by the three Associations will continue till all the demands of MTNL are met.

Latest on pay scales- Adhoc DEs to be absorbed as regular DEs and scale. Details to be worked out. Efforts are on for upward revision  of the DEs scale 14500-350-18700.

It has been agreed in the negotiation held by the ENC with the BSNL Board on 29-10-2002 that the new option form for absorption of officers in BSNL will contain pay scales, fitment formula, promotional policies and other terms and conditions.

Based on the broad agreement reached by our Associations (TEOA(I), BSNL EA(I) & MTNL EA) with the BSNL Board the  pay scales of the executives have been increased considerably. The new pay scales  with point to point fixation are as follows

Name of the   Cadre

Present CDA Scale

Proposed scale (Original Proposal on 13-09-2002)

New Scale as agreed with ENC

Increase of the new scale from the original proposal (starting of the scale)





















    Other terms and conditions in the demand of the ENC is being worked out and will be finalised in a day or two.

    ENC is likely to meet CMD MTNL tomorrow 30-10-2002. Agitational Programmes will be called off only after reaching a formal agreement with both BSNL and MTNL .

  All members & supporters who made this remarkable achievement in BSNL possible should continue with the same tempo untill all our demands in MTNL are met with out dilution. We will fight shoulder  to shoulder  to achieve our demands.

Our three General Secretaries of Executives Negotiating Council (Com.G.L.Jogi, Com.W.Seshagiri Rao & Com.Tomar) invited for negotiations by CMD BSNL at !4.30 Hrs on 29-10-2002. The meeting will also be attended by the Directors of BSNL Board .

The entire electronic and print media focuse and project the great country wide impact of our agitational programmes.

28-10-2002: Discussions held with BSNL Management on 28-10-2002. Management agreed to study the proposals presented by us positively. Further discussion expected to continue tomorrow. Agitational pressure to be maintained until favorable agreement is reached.

Telecom stir costs govt Rs 30 cr a day .......- headlines Times of India 29-10-2002

Telecom engineers intensify stir ........- headlines HINDU 29-10-2002

27-10-2002: BSNL Management invites our three General Secretaries of Executives Negotiating Council (Com.G.L.Jogi, Com.W.Seshagiri Rao & Com.Tomar) for discussion on settlement of all our demands. Discussion started at 1500 Hrs on Sunday 27-10-2002 and continued for nearly 3 hours. Active discussions are on to settle our demands since the management has come down from its earlier stand. Discussion will continue tomorrow on Monday 28-10-2002. Agitation Programmes  may be intensified at all levels to maintain sufficient bargaining strength.


Congratulations to all comrades who made all our agitational programmes a resounding success. Continue the same tempo with intensified vigour till all our demands are met.

"Strike paralyses telecom services"- Hindustan Times -headlines dated 26th October 2002...........................

As the talk failed the agitational programmes continues. All members requested to intensify all future programmes.

The Executives Negotiating Council was once again invited for negotiations by the BSNL Management on 24-10-2002 at 14.30 Hrs. Dir(F), Sr.DDG (Per) and DDG (SR) were present. Management requested the Negotiating Council for some flexibility in regard to pay scales. They offered a climb up by midway in all the pay scales and also assured positive disposal of all other demands including absorption of adhoc DEs with equivalent pay scale and status. Negotiating Council categorically stated that it would not compromise or offer any flexibility as far as pay scales are concerned. The meeting finally ended at 1600 Hrs in a stalemate as the management could not meet the aspirations of our members.


Executives Negotiating Council represented by TEOA(I), BSNL EA(I) &  MTNL EA invited  by CMD BSNL for negotiations at 17.30 Hrs on 22-10-2002. Pressure applied by agitational programmes responded positively by Admn. Mount further pressure by carrying on with Work According to Rules and Hunger Strike  as already declared. Agitational programmes to continue as decided earlier. Keep up the tempo created. Do not let loose any pressure.

OA in respect of MTNL absorption came for hearing today on 22/10/2002 before Honorable Chairman Principal Bench CAT New-Delhi. After hearing to the learned councels of both respondents and applicants the Honorable Chairman directed DOT to file its reply before 31/10/2002.The OA will be heard on 31/10/2002 & till such time Stay on absorption in MTNL continues.

Com. Reghu Kumar, ACS (HQrs.), AP Circle of TESA (I) and several other members of TESA (I) resigned and joined our movement on 23rd Oct 2002 as already announced by him on 17th Oct 2002.

Mass exodus from TESA continues all over the country.  

  Officers cutting across association-affinities resent and revolt against the negative stand adopted by certain Associations.

      Asst. Circle Secretary, TESA (I) Hyderabad addressed the dharna held on 17-10-2002 and announced total support to our movement. Visakapatnam new Branch of BSNL EA(I) formed on 16th October 2002 with 90% membership of TESA (I) joining BSNL EA(I).

      In Banglore large number of members desert TESA and join BSNL EA.

      TESA (I) totally routed in Gujarat. TESA units in Rajkot, Godhra and Surat SSAs disbanded on 18-10-2002.All members joined BSNL EA(I) .

      Bareily 100% membership resigned from TESA(I) to form BSNL EA(I) unit at Berily on 11/10/2002.

       Moradabad unit of BSNL EA(I) formed on 12-10-2002 with a vast majority of TESA Members joining the Association.

Bijnore & Saharanpur SSA units of TESA(I) merged  totally in BSNL EA(I) on 19-10-2002.

Muzafar Nagar TESA(I) to merge totally in BSNL EA(I) in the meeting being attended by GS at 11 am on 20-10-2002.

    With these in UP (E) & UP (W) nearly 100% membership merge in BSNL EA(I) .

Spectacular, unprecedented participation by members in the one day dharna on 17-10-2002.Members turned out in numbers never seen before with great enthusiasm all over the country. Congratulations to all leaders, activists and members. Keep up the tempo and continue the fight for our just and legitimate rights. Details...................

Participation for the dharna in Kerala on 17-10-2002.....................

  Mass participation in Lunch hour / Closing hour demonstration in all parts of the country.  Congratulations to all members who made the days programme a grand success. Continue the same spirit and ensure great success in all agitational programmes. Participation in lunch/closing hour demonstration in major stations of various circles................

  MTNL Absorption - OA filed by TEOA(I) along with three comrades of Delhi came up for hearing before Chairman Principal Bench CAT New Delhi on 11th Oct 2002 and the Hon. Tribunal after hearing petitioners council Shri. E. X. Joseph finally ordered to stay the DOT order dated 17/09/2002 extending the date of submitting the option before 18/10/2002. Next date of hearing will be informed shortly. Accordingly the option of executives in MTNL stand stayed until further directives from Hon.Tribunal

COUNTRY WIDE Telegram campaign as part of the agitational programme carried out successfully with participation from all parts of the country.

CCTE of Kerala Circle met at Alappuzha on 09-10-2002.........

Circle Executive of Co-ordination Committee of  Telecom Executives met at Alappuzha on 09-10-2002

Combined GB of BSNL EA(I) & TEOA (I) of Alappuzha SSA met and forms the CCTE of Alappuzha SSA Branch .

Trivandrum SSA-Joint meeting of TEOA(I) & BSNL EA(I) office bearers held at JETA BHAVAN on 07-10-2002 and formed the Coordination Committee of Telecom Executives of Trivandrum SSA.Decided to work for making the Trade Union Actions a grand success. Combined GB at YMCA Hall on 10-10-2002 at 1600Hrs.

CCTE meeting-Combined CEC meeting of TEOA(I) & BSNL EA(I) at HOTEL ROYAL PARK (Near Pitchu Iyer Jn.) Alappuzha  on 09-10-2002.

Alappuzha SSA Branch formed.  Com. K.V.Balakrishna Pillai SSA President and Com.K.V.James SSA Secretary. Other office bearers ............

Mobilise, Organise, Activise and make the agitational programmes an unprecedented sucess.

EXECUTIVES NEGOTIATING COUNCIL serves notice to BSNL/MTNL/DOT management to settle the issues related to absorption immediately. Agitational programmes declared to ensure that the demands on absorption are settled to our satisfaction without delay. Mobilise, Organise, Activise and make the agitational programmes an unprecedented sucess. All like minded comrades invited to join the movement and contribute their share in achieving our legitimate and just demands. For details.................

Programme of Trade Union Actions

10th October 2002          -Mass campaign Day (Telegrams to CMDs by                  Circle/SSA/Branch Secretaries)

    11th October 2002          -Demands Day (Holding Lunch/Closing Hour

Demonstration at all levels)

     17th October 2002        -DHARNA at Circle/SSA level

     23rd,24th,25th               - RELAY HUNGER STRIKE at Circle/SSA level

       October 2002                                                                

            23rd October 2002



        TEOA(I), BSNL EA(I) & MTNL EA form EXECUTIVES NEGOTIATING COUNCIL at the CHQ level . Com.W.Seshagiri Rao, GS TEOA(I),Com.G.L.Jogi, GS BSNL EA(I) and V.K.Tomar, GS MTNL EA form the apex body of EXECUTIVES NEGOTIATING COUNCIL.

DA ON CDA & IDA Pay scales
                        CDA Pay scales        IDA Pay scales
01-10-00                41%                         28%
01-01-01                43%                         29.2%  
01-04-01                43%                         28.3%
01-07-01                45%                         29.3%
01-10-01                45%                         33.4%
01-01-02                49%                         35.2%
01-04-02                49%                         34.9%
01-07-02                52%                         35.5%

01-10-02                52%                         38.6%


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