(Formerly known as BSNL Executives' Association)




PS to Hon Minister for Commn.& IT on 01-04-2003 assured clearance of BSNL paycsales also very shortly.

All Executives of MTNL / BSNL rally behind the people who fight to the very last - to attain the projected goal - to fulfill all the promises - to realise all your dreams.

  MTNL payscales reported to be cleared  by DPE. Await further details.
Attention AIC Delegates: Reception Counter will be functioning at Trivandrum Central Railway Station Platform No.1 from 6th April 2003 to 7th April 2003. Contact District Secretaries of Trivandrum or the Circle Secretaries of Kerala Circle intimating their expected arrivals.
Com. G.N.Hariharan Nair Com. KSebastain Com. Boban Lal Com.S.N.Babu
0471-2362345(Res) 9447324800(M) 2332255(O) 2523608(O) 0497-2778850(O)        0497- 2748800(R) 9447121212(M)    0471-2374444(O) 0471-2530200 0471-2361177(R)  0471-24745575
Hon. Minister for  Communications & IT  Shri. Arun Shourie directed his PS, Shri.Somnath to convey the following message to our GS "Our Minister spoke to the Hon. Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Shri. Bala Saheb Vikhe Patil  and Shri. Naresh Sarath , Secretary DPE for expediting the finalisation of MTNL/BSNL payscales for executives. Both the Minister and the Secretary assured our Minister that the case will be expedited and that they would get back to him within a couple of days. Accordingly our Minister wanted us to meet him during the next week" MANY THANKS TO OUR HON. MINISTER FOR HIS SWIFT ACTION IN THE MATTER.
Mammoth Rally organised by ENC attended by more than 2500 members marched from Kurshidlal Bhavan to Electronic Niketan. Hon. Minister for  Communications & IT  Shri. Arun Shourie came down from his chamber to the gate, received our memorandum and talked to us for about 25 minutes. He listened very patiently to our problems regarding the finalisation of payscales. He assured categorically that he would immediately interfere in the matter and interact with his counterpart the Hon. Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Shri. Bala Saheb Vikhe Patil . He also asked us to have a meeting with him on 5th April ,2003. Unfortunately since we are away at Kanyakumari for AIC we intimated him of our inability. Minister then told us to get in touch with him in the next week. Congratulations to ENC CHQ and all the Comrades of Delhi unit who made this possible. A thousand thanks to Hon. Minister Shri. Arun Shourie for his frank, forthright and considerate approach.
CIRCULAR from GS dated 24thMarch, 2003. Click here>>>>


We have  information from reliable sources in DOT dealing with the payscale issue that definite results regarding  MTNL payscales is expected very shortly.
Circle office bearers of the Association met Senior Officers of Kerala Circle and held discussions on our letter dated 24-03-2003>>>. The Circle Administration broadly agreed with all points raised in our letter. They also promised to take immediate action for conducting the DPC for all the 73 Rectt SDEs numbering around 100 in one lot immediately as demanded by us. The Admn. also agreed to fill up all the existing vacancies without delay. Promotion as DEs to left out cases / transferred cases will be issued shortly. Association pointed out that the proposals for norm based STS posts for the half year ending Sep 2002 has not been sent to the Corporate so far despite the last date being fixed as 31-12-2002. Admn. assured that this will be sent at the earliest. We also demanded the proposal for the second half ending 31st  March,2003 should be send with in the prescribed date i.e before 30th June, 2003.
CIRCULAR from GS dated 24thMarch, 2003. Click here>>>>
Orders restoring LTC to Central Government Employees issued by DO P&T vide letter No.31011/3/2003-Estt(A) dated 13thMarch,2003.The LTC facility is restored with effect from the current block year i.e.2002-2005 for any place in India and 2002-2003 for Home Town.
Circle Secretaries are requested to intimate the number of delegates attending the AIC at Kanyakumari to Com.R.Rajan,Jt.Sec(S), BSNLEA(I),CHQ SDE(External -II),Nagercoil-(TN),Ph (04652) 274333(O)    274444(R) ,Cell- 94431 44488 or Com. M.R.Cyril Xavier,Circle Organising Sec, TEOA(I), TN Circle, Kanyakumari District. (TN). Ph (04651)227200, 226888 (Off) (04652)264010(Res)  Email: mrcxavier@
Kanyakumari getting ready for All India Conference. New BTS of BSNL Cellular Mobile Network Commissioned at Kanyakumari on 22-03-2003. We thank Shri.K.Mahadevan , CGMT, Tamil Nadu Circle, Shri.M.P.Veluswamy,GM , IMPCS ,Tamil Nadu Circle, Shri. P.Chinnayan, GM Nagercoil, Shri.C.Vadivel ,DE IMPCS, Thirunalveli, Shri.S.Sankarabagam, SDE, IMPCS , Nagercoil for the excellent co-operation extended by them in facilitating an excellent Communication Network for the conference.
Restoration of eligible seniority position to the SC/ST officers on implementation of legislation as per amendment to Article 16(4A) of the Constitution and to nullify the effects of DOP&T OM No.20011/1/96-Estt (D), dated 30.10.1997 issued subsequent to the Judgement of the Supreme Court dated 10.10.1995 in the case of Union of India Vs. Virpal Singh Chauhan etc. GS writes to DOT protesting the wrongful implementation against the interest of SC/ST officers>>>>
Letter submitted by GS BSNL EA(I) to Member (Ser) for finalising the IDA payscales immediately>>>
GS  BSNL EA make further discussions with Member (Ser) on the payscale issue on 21-03-2003. He assures that everything is moving in the right direction . There is absolutely no cause for concern.
Sr. DDG ( Pers) in a meeting with GS Com.G.L.Jogi on 18-03-2003 intimated that action has been initiated for issuing remaining inter-circle request transfers of SDEs taken by BSNL EA(I). Orders expected in a couple of weeks.
Remember the settlement with BSNL EA (I) in August 2002 on streamlining the procedure for sanctioning STS posts on added assets. Constant follow up pressure applied by GS BSNL EA yields dividends. NEW STS POSTs sanctioned in various circles
The following STS posts for added assets  sanctioned.

Order No.

SSA / Circle

No.of Additional STS posts

CLICK HERE For Details

Com. G.L.Jogi, GS, BSNL EA (I) met Member (Ser) Shri. P.P.Ramachandran on 17th March,2003 and submitted letter seeking immediate final settlement of IDA payscales. Member (Ser) assured that action is in progress on war-footing. Further earnest and committed efforts will be made for the settlement of the issue in the shortest possible time.

ENC takes up the case of JTOs recruited for BSNL for ahhoc payment with arrears. Discussion  held with Sr.DDG(Pers) on 17-03-2003. Positive orders expected soon.
11 SDEs of different circles given request transfers vide order dated 13th March,2003 by the efforts of Gs, BSNL EA (I).
SDEs on promotion to Adhoc DEs posted to outside circles given home circles at the intervention of GS, BSNL EA.(I).
Huge turnout in demonstration across the country .

Circles / units carrying out demonstration on 14th March 2003 mobilise to follow the great example  set by our comrades on 13th.

 Association has taken up the case of payment of adhoc amount with arrears to JTOs recruited  in BSNL very strongly - Positive results expected shortly.

Text of the letter given by Kerala Circle to the Circle Admn. regarding the date for submission of the undertaking Click here >>> 

Circular from Com.W.Seshagiri Rao, GS TEOA(I) dated 11-03-2003.Click here>>>
The three GSs of ENC held discussions with Chairman Telecom Commission on 10-03-2003 on an invitation from him. The DDG ( SU ) &DDG ( SR ) were also present. During the meeting the Chairman  described the strenuous efforts he has been putting in to for getting the payscales of BSNL/MTNL clears from the DPE. He intimated that sufficient programs has already been made and it is only a matter of  days for the final clearance of the payscales from the DPE. (1)He also stated that the difficulties in clearing the MTNL payscales were being straightened out. A high level meeting of the DOT and DPE would be held at 3.30 pm on 10th Mar,2003 with a specific view to sort out the MTNL issues. There is no hurdle/ objections  to the BSNL payscales which are expected to be cleared immediately on clearance of the MTNL payscales. (2) Regarding the payment of pension in MTNL , he confirmed that the payment of pension in MTNL by Govt. has been accepted in principle. The modalities in this connection were being finalised by the Finance Ministry in such a way that it could  not be extended to / demanded by other PSUs.   He is in touch with the Secretary DPE and other Senior Officers on a day today basis. He has placed this issue as the first and foremost one in his item of priorities He would continue all efforts with earnestness and commitment to see that payscales are finalised at the earliest.
The double fixation on FR 22(I)(a)(i) on promotion from JTO to Lateral JTO then to SDE and SDE to Sr.SDE then to Sr.SDE to JTS which was earned after the strenuous efforts by the TEOA (I) in 1994 under the leadership of Com.W.Seshagiri Rao and Com. G.L.Jogi has been under Audit objection from the CAG. TEOA and BSNL EA once again tookup the issue and the DOP&T has ruled that the fixations are perfectly in order and in accordance with the guidelines of the Govt. of India. This clears the Audit objections of the CAG and settle the entire matter in our favour.
It has been clarified by Sr. Finance Manager that the payment of arrears of adhoc payment will be done in April 2003 to those who desire to have the same in April and undertaking can be produced at leisure.

PS:- All those who have exercised option ( signed on dotted lines) for absorption in Feb 2002 also required to produce the undertaking to receive the adhoc payment of Rs.2000/-

ENC invited for discussion on the IDA payscales issue by the Chairman Telecom Commission at 13.45 Hrs on 10/03/2003
Hon. Minister for Communications & IT has taken cognizance of the letters written by the ENC and DOT and has instructed the authorities concerned to take immediate action to settle the issue.
Before you exercise your undertaking for taking the adhoc payment be aware of your Income Tax savings ( eg. Surcharge at 5% etc.) if the payment is taken in April 2003. A sizable number of JTOs, SDEs, Sr. SDEs, are likely to benefit amounts ranging from Rs.900 to Rs.4000. Contact for details....
Chairman Telecom Commission approves and clears the note to the Hon. Minister submitted by the CMD BSNL.
Intense activity is on in Delhi on the payscale issue consequent on our agitation programme.
Tremendous response from all parts of the country for the demonstration conducted by the ENC on 7th Mar 2003.HATS OFF COMRADES!! KEEP FIGHTING.
A meeting was  fixed with Chairman Telecom Commission and the ENC on Monday 10-03-2003 to discuss in detail about the issues.
GS BSNL EA (I) Com. G.L Jogi on behalf of the ENC had a telephonic discussion with Shri. Vinod Vaish, Chairman Telecom Commission on 7th Mar,2003.Chairman assured him that he is not only trying but also struggling to ensure that the payscales are finalised immediately.
ENC Leaders had a meeting with the Principal Secretary to Shri. Arun Shouri , the Hon. Minister of Communications & Information Technology on 7th  Mar 2003 and submitted a memorandum to the Hon. MOC & IT. The Principal Secretary promised ti brief the Minister fully about the payscales issue so that immediate appropriate action can be taken by him. Click Here >>>

As promised in the meeting with the ENC yesterday (on 06-03-2003) the CMD BSNL has finalised the note to be put up to the Hon. Minister of Comm.&IT. After approval by the Chairman TC the note will be sent tomorrow to the Hon. Minster for interaction with the Hon. Minister for Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises. The ENC finalises the Memorandum to be submitted to Hon. Members of Parliament Shri. Ashok Singh Bardeli and Shri. Ajit Singh. This will be submitted tomorrow (7th March 03) morning. 


5 SDEs promoted as DEs of ITS Group 'A' on local officiating by CGMT Kerala - No.ST-III/4-25/STS/2002 Pt  Dated at Trivandrum-33 , the 06-03-2003

Two Adhoc DEs originally alloted to BSNL CO New Delhi realloted to Kerala Circle

Member (Services) Shri.P.P.Ramachandran invited the ENC for discussion. DDG ( SU) and Dir ( SU), the senior officers of the DOT dealing with the payscales and interacting with the DPE were also present. The Member (Ser) at the very outset itself wanted to have a first hand information of the entire issue. He assured the ENC with great earnestness and sincerity that he will try at the utmost to see that the issue is settled without delay. He also promised to talk to the Chairman Telecomm Commission immediately.
The CMD BSNL Shri. Prithpal Singh invited the ENC for serious and elaborate discussions. Sr.DDG (Per) was also present (1) CMD informed the leaders that he has spoken about the all issue to the Chairman Telecomm Commission who intimated that it is only a matter of 15 days for the clearance of the payscales of BSNL/MTNL. ENC expressed total unhappiness and concern. (2) CMD directed the Sr.DDG (Per) to prepare a very strong note to be put Hon Minister. (3) CMD also promised that he will be putting his best efforts to arrange a meeting of the ENC with the Hon.Minister or the Chairman Telecomm Commission.
Sample text of letter to be given (latest by 6th Mar 2003) by Circle /SSA as intimation of  agitational programmes starting on 7th Mar 2003.Click here >>> Attach ENC Notice also.Clickhere>>
A delegation of BSNL EA and TEOA members led by Com. Ghuge met Hon. Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises  Shri. Balasaheb Vikhe Patil  at Ahmed Nagar and submitted a memorandum on clearance of  IDA pay scales of MTNL / BSNL by the DPE. In the meeting  which lasted 20 minutes the Minister gave a very patient and attentive hearing and promised very immediate action in the matter. He also asked them to keep in contact with him in the next week.

DDG (SR) and Sr.DDG (Per) invite ENC leaders for formal talk. On behalf of the CMD BSNL Sr.DDG (Per) informed the ENC leaders that CMD is very actively involved in getting the payscales cleared from the DPE. CMD once again written a DO letter to Chairman, Telecom Commission for expediting the issue. The leaders were requested to withdraw the agitation considering the positive, active and determined efforts on the part of the BSNL and DOT for approval of the payscale. A letter to this effect addressed to G.L.Jogi, G S, BSNL EA (I) and W. Seshagiri Rao, GS, TEOA (I) was also issued informing the status and requesting the ENC to withdraw the agitation. The three GSs rejected the request outright and informed that they would settle for nothing less than the immediate clearance of the payscales from the DPE. They also informed the senior officers that they arte not interested in frivolous dialogue at any level. Agitation programme to be activised with total commitment and determination to realize the demand for the finalization of the pay scales of BSNL/ MTNL and pension scheme orders of MTNL.
AIC at Kanyakumari from 7th April to 10th April 2003.Notification issued.  Train timings and travel routes etc. Click here>>

The agitation to realise the IDA payscales and immediate absorption will go on as announced. Circle Secretaries/ SSA Secretaries/ activists of BSNL EA/ TEOA/ MTNL EA to organise and mobilise the agitational programmes a total success.
 Medical Policy for BSNL Employees-BSNL Employees Medical Reimbursement Scheme - Implementation of  the new medical scheme of BSNL employees .  The scheme envisages payment of one month basic pay + DA for outdoor treatment. This amount would not be taxable subject to the production of receipt / vouchers. However those employees who doesn't produces any receipt/ vouchers for outdoor treatment shall be entitled to receive 50% of one month basic pay + DA. This amount would however be taxable. For indoor treatment CGMs are enpowered to finalise the list of hospitals in their respective circles for medical reimbursement. Order No.BSNL/ADMN/1 dated 28-02-2002.Click  for the complete text >>>
 Name  Posted as
 Shri.H.C.Kochar  Director (HRD)
 Shri.Nirmal Sarup  Director (Planning& New Services)
 Shri.Gokul Singh  DDG (SR) 
 Shri.A.K.Pathak  DDG (IR & Trg.)
 Shri.S.K.Gupta  DDG (NS)
 Shri.Pradeep Nagpal  DDG (MM)
 Shri.Arvind Chawla  DDG (SP-I)
 BSNL to recruit about 800 Junior Accounts Officers. Examination to be held on 24,May  2003.  Details>>  

Shri. P. P. RAMACHANDRAN Member (Production) to hold the additional charge of Member (Services)

 Payment of Adhoc @ Rs .2000/- p.m. w.e.f 01.10.2000 to Group B officers of DOT and erstwhile DTS/DTO, working on deemed deputation basis in BSNL, pending the finalisation of IDA pay scales etc. and their absorption in BSNL w.e.f. 01.10.2000.Order No.BSNL/9-9/SR/2002  Dated 27th February, 2003. Copy of the under taking......

It has been very clearly specified in the orders that the adhoc payment" is not linked to the exercise of option." Orders further donot impose any condition on the officer.

Circular from GS.....................

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