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30th    July 2004Much progress made in holding DPCs of promotion of SDEs to DEs. BSNL Management is likely to address Head of Circles to intimate the vacancy positions and also simplification of DPC procedures.

30th    July 2004DDG (IR) Shri. Pathak assures GS that the results of provisional candidates of 25% candidates quota will be announced next week probably by Tuesday (3rd Aug 2004)

30th    July 2004GS addresses Sr. DDG (Estt.) - Highly arbitrary, irregular, malafide and vindictive transfer orders issued by Sr DDG (EW)  in utter violation of Order no 3-1/2002 - Restrg. Dated 03-04-2003.>>>>>>>

30th    July 2004SNEA addresses Director (HRD) - Inordinate delay in constitution of committee - Abnormal delay is undesirable and leads to loss of mutual trust. >>>>>>

KERALA NEWS30th    July 2004Circle Secretary addresses CGMT Kerala to consider all applications with recommendations " with substitute only" from GMs be considered for the selection to RTTC >>>>>>

28th    July 2004

Provisional Seniority list No.6 of TES Grp'B' Officers issued by DOT- BSNL Order F.No.26-1/2004-Pers.II dated July 28 2004. (DOT order No.16-1/2004-STG.II dated 09-07-2004). Applications /representations regarding errors/omissions/objections in Seniority list No.6 may be addressed to the concerned CGMs who in turn may forward the consolidated statement to DOT HQrs latest by 16-08-2004.

BSNL Order copy >>>>          

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23rd    July 2004Com.Jayapal Circle Secretary Tamilnadu Circle hands over a cheque of  Rs.98157/- to Com.G.l.Jogi General Secretary as donation to CHQ on receiving the IDA pay scale arrears. He has promised another contribution of Rs.70,000/- odd shortly. The generous act on the part of the Tamilnadu comrades is laudable and exemplary. These dedicated comrades deserves the loudest applause and congratulations.

23rd    July 2004Posting on promotion to TES Group 'B' Cadre - Modification to the order dated 26th May 2004 in respect of 63 JTOs. Order No.1-15/2004 - Pers -II dated 23-07-2004

22nd    July 2004 Volunteers are called from the officers in JTO, SDE and DE cadres for RTTC Trivandrum. Application should reach the Circle Office on or before 20-08-2004 through proper channel.

(1) JTO Cadre      >>>>>>

(2) TES Group 'B'>>>>>>

(3) STS  Cadre     >>>>>>

19th    July 2004As already announced by us the results of the Qualifying part of the Special Supplementary Qualifying -Cum- Competitive Examination for promotion to TES Group'B' held from 23rd to 26th  September 2003 have been published.

(1) Order No.5-3/2004-De dated 15 July 2004>>> (2) Pages 1-5>>>  (3)  Pages 6-10>>>  (4) Pages 11-15>>>  (5)  Pages 16-20 >>>>

KERALA NEWS19th    July 2004 Officiating promotion orders issued for 5 SDEs to Malappuram and 2 SDEs to Kozhikode.

KERALA NEWS17th    July 2004Transfer orders for 3 JTOs and Officiating promotion to 9 JTOs. Order No. ST-III/ 3-25(O)/2004 Part I dated 17-7-2004.>>>

16th    July 2004

Further progress on issues concerning our members

1.   Very positive notes moved for working out all the modalities for promotion of SDEs to DEs. Dir(HRD) assures GS that these modalities will be cleared by 31st Jul 04

2.   Process for holding of Regular DPCs for promotion of JTOs to SDEs progressing at a very fast pace.

3.   Discussions by the Committee including our representatives on the issue of Management trainees to commence very shortly.

4.   Results of the qualifying cum competitive exam held in Dec 2003 to be released soon. The results of the qualifying part will be declared within two days. The results of the competitive part will be sent to DOT for its concurrence.  

5.   Results of the provisional candidates for 25% competitive quota has also been assured to be released next week.

 KERALA NEWSTransfer of 4 JTOs to Malappuram and Officiating promotion to 6 JTOs. Order No. ST-III/ 3-25(O)/2004/Part I dated 17-7-2004.>>>

KERALA NEWS16th    July 2004Officiating orders for 124 JTOs. Order No. ST-III/ 3-25(O)/2003/22 dated 14-7-2004.>>>


KERALA NEWS15th    July 2004Officiating orders for 6 JTOs. Modification to the orders dated 19-6-2004, 21-6-2004 and 28-6-2004. Order No. ST-III/ 3-25(O)/2004 dated 14-7-2004.>>>

KERALA NEWS15th    July 2004Transfer orders for 4 JTOs in connection with their officiating. Order No. ST-III/ 3-25/(O)/2004 dated 9-7-2004.>>>

KERALA NEWS14th    July 2004An assembly of the JTOs of Electrical Wing Kerala Circle met at Kozhikode on 10-07-2004 and unanimously decided to join Sanchar Nigam Executives' Association (India). As a fall-out of the meeting 42 out of the total strength of 45 Electrical JTOs in Kerala Circle joined the SNEA(I). We warmly welcome these prudent members who displayed the right wisdom to join the fighting force of Executives.

KERALA NEWS14th    July 2004Re-officiating orders issued for 71 SDEs who were reverted to the parent cadre on 02-06-2004. Order No. ST-III/ 3-25/(O)/2003 dated 9-7-2004.>>>

5th    July 2004

Circle office bearers meet the new CGM Shri.S.A.Thomas to welcome him in his new assignment as head of the Circle. >>>>>>.

The following issues were also discussed

(1) Creation of man month posts of JAG and STS.

(2) Submitting proposals for the creation of asset posts for IMPCS, WLL and  Internet – Address SSA heads through DO letter and fixing a time frame.

(3) Creation of SDE posts sufficient to accommodate around 680 JTOs awaiting promotion in 75% Quota..

(4) Inviting option /volunteers for IMPCS / RTTC&CTTC and conducting the DPCs with out delay.

(5) Delinking of Finance unit of RTTC and attaching it to Trivandrum SSA. Association expressed the inconsistency and violation of orders in this regard. Association also requested that subjective treatment may be stopped forthwith. - Admn positively responded.  

(6) Teaching allowance to SDEs posted in RTTC recently. – Admn. agreed to issue the necessary orders immediately.

(7) Clearing of SDEs of 73 Reccts on officiating arrangement. – CGM was very positive and agreed to apply his mind very favourably.

(8) Declaring Kasargode Revenue District, Malappuram Revenue District, Wayanad Revenue District and High ranges of Idukki area as tenure stations.

The meeting was very cordial and CGM assured positive stand on all the items.

30th    June 2004Minutes of the meeting held by the Management with SNEA(I) on 25th June, 2004 in which all the items of demands placed in the notice served by the Association has been settled amicably. Click for the copy of the Minutes.>>>>

29th    June 2004Presidential orders for absorption issued for the absorption of 32 TES Group 'B' Officers (1) Kerala - 19  (2)  Orissa - 8  (3) Karnataka  -  5 Click Here for details >>>>

28th    June 2004Appointment in the cadre of Junior Accounts Officers. Orders issued by BSNL CO. Order No.4-4/2002-SEA dated 28-06-2004>>>>>

KERALA NEWS28st    June 2004 Transfer orders, Promotions and postings of JTOs officiating in the grade of TES Group 'B' Order No.ST-III/3-25/(O)/03 dated 28-06-2004 >>>>

KERALA NEWS28st    June 2004Corrigendum issued - Transfer orders, Promotions and postings of JTOs officiating in the grade of TES Group 'B' Order No.ST-III/3-25/(O)/03 dated 28-06-2004 >>>>

KERALA NEWS28st    June 2004Corrigendum issued - Promotions and postings in grade of TES Group 'B' against 25% Competitive Quota. Order No.ST-III/3-25/2004 dated 28-06-2004 >>>>

KERALA NEWS28st    June 2004Revised working time of Administrative offices in Kerala - Working Hours of all  Administrative offices in Kerala will be from 09.30 AM to 05.00 PM from 01/07/2004. Order No.Genl/155-2/2003 dated 26/6/2004>>>

KERALA NEWS28st    June 2004Corrigendum issued - Promotions and postings in the grade of TES Group 'B' Order No.ST-III/3-25/(O)/03 dated 28-06-2004 >>>>


25th    June 2004Outcome of discussions between BSNL Management and SNEA (I).

The BSNL Management comprising of the CMD, Dir. (HRD), Sr. DDG(per.), Sr. DDG(E), DDG(SR), Jt. DDG(SR) invited the Assn. for talks at 3.30 P.M. on 25th Jun.04 on the issues raised in the Notice for agitation served by the SNEA(I). Detailed discussions were held on all the issues raised in our notice. Accordingly the following assurances have been made to us.

1. Recruitment of Management Trainees: It was promised that the present proposal of Recruitment of Management Trainees will be kept in abeyance. A committee with two members from  the Assn. will be constituted to look into the matter afresh and a decision will be taken based on the Committee’s report.

2. Time bound Promotion Policy: The High-Power Committee set up under the Chairmanship of Sr DDG(E) for the purpose will be asked to submit its report within three months. Based on its report the promotion policy will be implemented by Sep 04. High power committee shall also examine and decide the issue of Service weightage and anomalous situation prevailing in respect of Adhoc STS officers.

3. The issue relating to implementation of IDA pay scales from 1.10.2000 in respect of Civil/Electrical/Architecture/TFs/CSS gets official recognition for the first time. Not only the issue of IDA pay scales from 1.10.2000 but also the vital issue of time bound promotion from 1.10.2000 would be examined and decided by HPC. Other important issue of regularization of adhoc EEs/AEs would also be examined and decided by this committee.  

4.  Regular Promotions from JTO to SDE for the years 2001-02, 02-3 shall be completed by Oct.,04.. Preliminary work has already started. DPC from SDE to STS against available vacancies shall also be completed by Oct., 04. All possible actions are being taken w.r.t transfer of STS posts from DOT to BSNL and making the process of holding DPC from SDE to STS simple and expeditious.   

5. STS Post creation: All pending proposals in new/ hi-tech areas will be cleared immediately. All other pending cases will be referred to the HPC.

6. Option to continue in CDA Scale: This was an issue which was practically denied by BSNL Management, despite being part of the Presidential Orders issued by DOT. We have had been struggling for the last about four months and pleading with the BSNL Management to extend this provision. BSNL Management was not convinced about its applicability in respect of BSNL because of  pensionary rules in BSNL which are different with regard to other PSUs. However, after lot of persuasion and relentless efforts from our side and explaining the relevant facts and purpose of the order, it was agreed that orders shall be issued within a couple of days.

7. Amendment of orders on local officiating: We strongly protested against issuing of instructions on local officiating promotions. We have been assured that the most damaging clauses will be revised as demanded by the Assn. and necessary amendments issued immediately.

8. IDA pay scale for AAOs w e f 1.10.200: The Management assured that this issue would be expedited and DOT would be asked to issue necessary orders as quickly as possible. From our side we expressed our strong resentment over continuing delay to resolve this important issue.

9. CPF, Pension Scheme, Group Insurance Scheme for JTOs recruited by BSNL: We conveyed our strongest resentment and unhappiness over inordinate delay in settlement of these vital issues of JTOs recruited by BSNL. We were categorically assured that immediate action would be taken to resolve all these three issues

 The GS assured the Management that the positive offers made by it will be discussed in appropriate Assn. forums and a decision on the agitational programme will be taken by Monday (28-06-2004). Comrades are requested to carry on with their preparations until the decision is communicated to them.  

JULY  2004 EVENTS>>>

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