27th  Feb 2006GS addresses Director (HRD) - Hold ensuing Competitive examination from JTO to SDE on the basis of the old syllabus.>>>>>>>>>>

27th  Feb 2006SNEA to actively participate in protest demonstrations being organised by the joint Forum against the drastic cut in ADC. All units may respond to the call.

27th  Feb 2006BSNL signed an MOU with Canara Bank on various retail loans such as Personal loan, Housing Loan, Car and Two-wheeler Loan, Education Loan and Natural Calamity Loan etc. to the BSNL employees.  For details >>>>>>>>>>>>

27th  Feb 2006SNEA TN circle obtained stay from Chennai High Court . HC grants stay in deducting the  Income Tax on account of perquisites for Residential Quarter.

24th  Feb 2006GS met the Chairman of the Committee on Promotion Policy Shri.Y.S.Bhave who assured him that our concern on all major issues particularly service weightage , recruitment of Management Trainees , attendant conditions, time bound promotion of executives of civil/ electrical considering the residency period from 1-10-2000 are being positively addressed. He also stated that the final report will be submitted before the end of the coming week.
24th  Feb 2006GS held discussion with director (HRD) and convinced him the need for conducting the Competitive Exam for one more time with the old syllabus. He promised to look into the case.

FLASH NEWSAs a consequence of the Joint agitation by Executives / Non Executives BSNL conferred Mini Ratna status. TheBoard of Directors of BSNL will therefore hereafter exrcise all powers available to the Mini Ratna status companies in addition to the powers alreday exercised to them.

23rd  Feb 2006GS Com.G.L.Jogi invited for United Nations International Workshop on all issues related to Professionals and Managers in the evolving scenario to be held at Tokyo from March 1st to 3rd 2006. GS will be presenting his paper of one hour duration on 1st March 2006. He is the only representative from the Officers / Executives cadre to be invited from India.

23rd  Feb 2006GS held detailed discussions with DDG (E) DOT on 1966 SDE posts. The DDG assures detailed examination and positive action. He also promises further discussions with BS after his return from Tokyo.

23rd  Feb 2006GS holds discussions with DDG (CA) on perks. The suggestions/view points from Grp'A' Associations (Civil/Electrical etc.). The Committee will be meting on 23rd after noon. It is expected that the report will be submitted to the BSNL Management Committee immediately.

23rd  Feb 2006The memo on Competitive Examination for the promotion from JTOs to SDEs is examined by the BSNL Management Committee . The Committee felt that obsolete subjects like Strowger , Cross Bar etc. should be deleted from the syllabus. The new syllabus for the exam will be finalised without delay to proceed with the Exam.

23rd  Feb 2006Correction in TES Grp'B' Seniority list - Order No.16-3/2003-STG-II (Part file) dated 1`8-01-2006 >>>>>>>>>>>

21st  Feb 2006  EPF & Confirmation of JTOs recruited after 1-10-2000 -GS writes to Director (HRD)-  Issue immediate instructions to the field units to take immediate and appropriate follow up action in respect of two important issues of JTOs recruited after 1.10.2000 i.e E.P.F and Confirmation. >>>>>>>>>>>>>

21st  Feb 2006GS addresses Director (HRD) - Direct field units to take advance action in respect of transfer of JTOs having completed three years of Service. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

21st  Feb 2006Association writes to CMD BSNL on transfer of JTOs on compassionate grounds. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

21st  Feb 2006RRs of AD(OL) dated 5th Aug.,05–Quashed in totality by Hon’ble High Courts of Allahabad and Kolkatta – GS writes to Director (HRD) for immediate review. >>>>>>>>>>>>>

20th  Feb 2006All Circle Secretaries ,SSA/Branch Secretaries to send Savingrams immediately. Protest demonstrations declared by NCOA on 7th March 2006 to be observed by all Circle/SSA units by holding Closing hour/lunch hour demonstrations.

NCOA decides to observe following organisational actions - A) Savingram campaign to be observed at Branch/District/Circle level between 15th Feb to 28th Feb 2006 to draw the attention of Sh.Satosh Mohan Dev for early settlement of merger of 50% IDA with Basic ,Removal of ceiling on gratuity and Bonus and parity on perquisite tax on accommodation amongst all those wages are determined by the Government of India on the pattern of the fifth pay commission. The text of the Savingram addressed to Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises with copies to 1.Sectretary DPE, 2.Secretary DOT 3.Chairman SCOPE 4.CMD/BSNL should be " We endorse and adopt the contents of the letter dated 24-01-2006 addressed to you by the Secretary General of Officers Associations ( of Central Public Sector Undertakings) ( Registered under the Trade Union Act 1926. Regd.No.DNI 707) .We wish to draw the attention to the fact that the officers of the Central Public Sector are getting restive because of the indifferent approach of the Govt. of India towards the following issues:

1. Stalling discussions on the modalities for determining and effecting revised pay scales on 1-1-2007. And as an interim measure , merger of 50% IDA with basic should be done without further delay.

2. Parity on perquisite tax on accommodation amongst all those whose wages are determined by the Govt. of India on the pattern of fifth pay commission.

3. removal of ceiling on Gratuity and Bonus. We request to kindly intervene and direct the Secretary Department of Public Enterprises to initiate discussions.

B) Day long Dharna at SSA/Circle /HQrs level on 7th  March 2006.

20th  Feb 2006GS meets Shri.Y.S.Bhave to accelerate the proceedings on Time Bound promotion. Shri.Y.S.Bhave assured that the major issues highlighted by us would be addressed. He also promised that the report will be submitted very shortly. Gs also spoke to Shri.R.N.Prabhakar on the same issue. He also replied on similar lines.

 17th  Feb 2006 Association fights for Officiating JTOs - (1) Association takes up strong stand to regularise all officiating JTOs.    >>>>>>>>>>>>  (2) Association pursues the pay fixation of JTOs officiating without any restriction. This is a follow up of the case already taken up in December 2005    >>>>>>>>>>>>

17th  Feb 2006  GS follows up the Association's effort to stall the moves of DOT/BSNL to deprive us of 1966 Grp'B' posts. The Association presents convincing arguments with details of abolitions already done in different circles.>>>>>>>>>>>>

15th  Feb 2006For immediate attention and action of Circle Secretaries (1) The CR scrutiny report in respect of the concerned circle to be sent to the Corporate Office. Position to be intimated to CHQ immediately (2) Year wise vacancies of TES Grp 'B' officers for 1999-2000, and 2000-2001 was to be intimated by circle in response to Corporate office letter No. 2-82/2000/STG-II dated 16-04-2001. Copies of the letters submitted by Circles in this regard may be sent to CHQ immediately. This is urgently required for clearing the confusion of BSNL/DOT in regard to the vacancy position of SDEs.

11th  Feb 2006Association interacts with DDG (CA) Shri.R.K.Purwar on perks for Executives. It was reported that the finalisation is pending due to the want of inputs/viewpoints from Grp'A' Associations. The matter was further pursued by Director (HRD) BSNL and the Grp'A' Association Representative Shri. Sourav Tyagi  Jt.DDG (Electrical) of Civil/Electrical/Architectural. Both have agreed to expedite the matter. Director (HRD)  also promised that the issue will be settled immediately even if inputs are not forthcoming within a few days.

10th  Feb 2006The Association's efforts to get the Competitive Exam for backlog vacancies up to 2002-03 declared is finally successful. The move by the Management to revise the syllabus for the examination have also been stalled by the intense efforts of the Association which included different meetings with DDG (Per), DDG (Trg) and Director (HRD). The board memo for declaring the exam for around 3000 vacancies with the same syllabus is ready. The same will be cleared by the BSNL Management Committee meeting before the Examination is finally declared.

10th  Feb 2006The Association steps up its pressure against the moves to abolish 1966 vacancies for the second time . GS meets Director (HRD) and explains the case in detail with supporting documents. Director (HRD) promised positive action. We will be keeping up the pressure at all levels. >>>>>>>>>>>

10th  Feb 2006As a follow up of the meeting with Shri.Y.S.Bhave Chairman of the Committee on Time Bound Promotion , GS sends copy of the report of  the Committee headed by Jt.DDG (SEA) on Civil/Electrical issues so that their residency period for the first Time Bound Promotion is counted from 1-10-2000. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

10th  Feb 2006Facilities to new CHQ body- GS addresses DDG (SR), BSNL >>>>>>>>>

8th  Feb 2006GS addresses Shri. Dayanidhi Maran, Hon’ble M.O.C & IT - Prompt personal intervention solicited in complete investigation of  so called “Enterprise Resource planning” project launched in Gujarat by CBI and justified stringent action against the then concerned officers of BSNL, including the then Director (operations)/BSNL and CGM/Gujarat, for deliberately misleading the Hon’ble MPs by suppression of critical and relevant facts raised by them on the floor of the House – Immediately putting on hold the expected   promotion of the officers closely and fully involved in the serious financial irregularities related to the artificial project  till actual startling and sensitive facts are brought about by an independent investigation, preferably by CBI.    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

8th  Feb 2006Regular promotion of JTO(C)  to SDE (C) - Calling for ACRs and Special reports. Circle Secretaries are requested to expedite  the matter. List of JTO (C) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

8th  Feb 2006GS holds elaborate discussions on Time Bound Promotion with the Chairman of the designated Committee Shri.Y.S.Bhave. GS conveyed the anxiety of the members over the time delay in finalising the report. Shri.Y.S.Bhave appreciated our anxiety and promised that he would expedite the matter. He said that the delay was caused mainly because the Committee was thoroughly examining all the issues on the policy highlighted by us and that the Committee would come out with the complete report covering all aspects. The delay was also partly due to the illness of some officers. To a query by the GS when the report can be expected Chairman of the Committee replied that since he had some foreign assignment from 10th Feb to 15th Feb the final report would be expected within ten days from his return, during which period he promised further discussion with the Association. GS also presented the views of the Committee headed by Jt.DDG (SEA) to take the residency period of Civil/Electrical etc. from 1-10-2000 for the first Time Bound Promotion. On the whole th report would be quite positive

8th  Feb 2006GS met Sr.DDG (Estt.) DOT and presented him necessary documents to establish that 1966 posts was already abolished by the Circles in 2000 itself. The unjust requirement of the DOT to abolish this posts once again were unjust and unfair since the vacancies were calculated only after abolishing of 1966 posts. Sr.DDG (E) felt convincing and promised that he would convey the final decision shortly.

3rd  Feb 2006GS takes up the case of home circle transfer of JTOs recruited after 1-10-2000 with CMD . CMD assured that the earlier promise made with the Association would be kept up and all officers completing three years service will be considered for transfer on recruitment of new JTOs probably by April 2006. The Association also took up all genuine cases particularly of lady JTOs. The CMD assured that all the cases recommended by the concerned CGMs will also be considered for transfer.

3rd  Feb 2006The committee formed under the Chairmanship of Jt.DDG (SEA) as an off-shoot of the fast track committee on Time Bound Promotions, to look into the complexities of the Civil/Electrical issues submits its report. The Committee recommends that the residency period for Time Bound Promotions in the case of Civil/Electrical should be counted from 1-10-2000.



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